Standards Required To Participate Within This League

This is the League’s stance on Foul, Abusive or Offensive language or Actions. Under NO circumstances will any of the aforementioned be tolerated. The League operates a ZERO TOLERANCE in regards to this. It does not matter whether something is said in frustration, the reaction to a tackle, even disagreeing with a Match Officials decision or even arguing with a fellow team mate/manager on the sidelines. LET US MAKE THIS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR…..THE LEAGUE INSTRUCTION IS A DISMISSAL MUST TAKE PLACE.

We as a League, at the behest of the Club Secretaries and the Management Committees concern about the standard within the League diminishing had a lengthy discussion and agreed the way forward would be to impose a Red Card for any of the above mentioned instances. This was approximately 10 years ago and whilst there was and still is some slight disagreement about the ZERO TOLERANCE level, it proved successful. This is a path that the League will not deviate from.

This League is The West Midlands Christian Football League, it stands and falls on Christian values. If you went to Church you would not expect to hear foul language or the likes would you? Playing in our League is to play football as a representative of your Church. Some of you may think that being on a football pitch is about passion and energy. Maybe you should attend some of the Churches that we have linked within this League, the same happens there…only everyone behaves. For those who have no Church link, the standards required of you are the same.

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