The Cup Starts Here + Tomorrows League Games

Well, for some teams, tomorrow sees the start of the Leagues Cup Competition. 16 teams are playing in the First Round with the remaining 8 teams who have a bye playing League matches. Footballers can be a superstitious lot….left sock on first, left boot on first, don’t tread on the touchline when entering the pitch before the match and such like. So with this in mind and with it being Cup week, I have decided not to involve the Club Secretaries in this week Prediction Challenge. My challenger this week is none other than the Referee’s Secretary, Darren Appleby.

We will start off with the League games though as there is a tasty game with Connect Sports playing host to Clarendon. I’m being bold on this one and going for an away win to Clarendon. I just think their tighter defence will be key in this game.

Wednesbury Baptist to beat Renewal Solihull seems an easier match to predict but Solihull need to get some more points soon. I cannot see it being tomorrow though.

I was leaning towards tipping Monyhull Church over Chawn Hill Church in light of the fact that Monyhull really turned them over in the Cup last season. However, they are finding it tough in the top flight but then again Chawn are also struggling again this year. I could be here all night pondering this one but I am going to go Monyhull to win 2-1, (got to change my original prediction now)!

Only the 1 game in Division Two and it sees Selly Oak Methodist rocking up at South Rd to play Brierley Hill AOG. A 3 goal margin win for Selly Oak would propel them above the Hill lads but I reckon the lads from Stourbridge will add on to their win from last week with a 2-0 win over Selly Oak.

So, on to the Cup we go and will there be any shocks? Well there are only 2 fixtures where a Div 1 team plays a Div 2 team with Living Hope Church United playing City Church and Sandwell United hosting Zion Athletic.

I really do not see any hope for Sandwell tomorrow and if Zion Athletic have their scoring boots on it could be a tough old 90 minutes for the Sandwell lads.

Living Hope vs City Church however, could be a very tight game and I am going for a shock here, (Daz is also going for one). City are not scoring many with only 5 goals in 4 games, whereas, Living Hope have 15 in 5. So I am tipping Living Hope to win in a close game. The only chance I think City may have is if they take the lead and then use their experience to shut Living Hope out.

How will the holders fare in their First Round match? I am tipping them to win 4-0 but strangely enough still think this is not a gimme by any stretch of the imagination. Wolverhampton and Perton could spring a major shock here, but I do believe that if St Mary’s do win it will be by a few goals with the way they are currently scoring, averaging 6 a game!

I’ve forecast a big win as well for St Matthew’s Walsall who play St Thomas’ Aldridge. Not far to travel in this game for them and the way they have started life in the WMCFL shows them to be a potent force in Div 2. (Congratulations to them on their win in the Staffs County Cup as well last weekend). St Thomas’ are struggling and I do not see it improving here.

Saint Michael beat Zion City 5-3 a couple of weeks ago in the League and are currently above them in the table so I have no rhyme or reason on why I’ve looked at this game and gone for Zion City to win 2-1! But if that’s my hunch then I am sticking with it.

A difference of opinion between me and Daz regarding the game between Dudley Lions and Corinthians S.K. Both teams currently have 9 points after 5 games in the League and it is a tough one to call. I’m going for Corinthians tighter defensive displays so far to tip this game in their favour.

Last weeks big winners Hawbush face top of the table Maple Leaf Rovers QMC and I think it’s going to be back to earth with a bump for the Hawbush team. Both predictions have Maple Leaf winning but I’ve gone for a bigger winning margin.

The last game in the Cup has Rowley away to Charlemont Star. Neither team played last week but both teams drew the week before with Rowley having a very impressive game against Clarendon whilst Charlemont drew with Monyhull. I do not see many goals in this game but think Rowleys experience will see them over the line in this game.

For the Cup Predictions, the score forecasts will be applicable to when open play has finished. So if a game goes into extra time the score will count after extra time has finished.

10th  October
Division One     Kovacs’ Daz (Ref Sec)
Chawn Hill Church vs Monyhull Church Away 1-2 Home 3-2
Connect Sports vs Clarendon Away 1-2 Draw 2-2
Wednesbury Baptist vs Renewal Solihull Home 4-0 Home 5-1
Division Two        
Brierley Hill A.O.G vs Selly Oak Methodist Home 2-0 Away 2-4
League Cup
Charlemont Star vs Rowley College Away 1-2 Home 6-2
Dudley Lions vs Corinthians S.K Away 1-3 Home 3-2
Hawbush vs Maple Leaf Rovers Q.M.C Away 0-7 Away 1-3
Living Hope Church United vs City Church Home 2-1 Home 3-2
Sandwell United vs Zion Athletic Away 0-8 Away 2-4
St Mary’s vs Wolverhampton and Perton Home 4-0 Home 3-0
St Thomas’ Aldridge vs St Matthew’s Walsall Away 0-6 Away 1-4
Zion City vs Saint Michael Home 2-1 Home 2-1


So, with good weather forecast, I hope you all enjoy your football tomorrow. I would advise players to get there a little bit earlier though as your Club Secretaries have been bombarded this week with statements from the League on what is and is not acceptable within the League and they may want to have a quick word with you before you focus on your game. One item I will mention is that I have reminded Club Secretaries that the 3 Cheers and hand shakes or the pre match handshake routine is mandatory and failure to follow this will result in a £50.00 fine. That’s just 1 of the many communications they have had this week!

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