Update 1st April

It’s been a busy week behind the scenes regarding the League this week, mainly regarding the Management Committee Roles for next season and preparations for next weekends Cup Final. So for me, whilst I have had some time off work to catch up with things, it has been spent on those issues rather than this Kolumn. However, once again, we keep the Prediction Challenge going and this week, Roger Moore from Clarendon is the challenger. I really hope to catch up with everything by this Sunday, so there may be a lot more to read then. As for now, here is a very interesting Prediction Challenge…see if you can spot what has never been predicted before?

2nd April

Division One                                                                           Kovacs’      Roger (Clarendon)
City Church vs St Mary’s                                                        Away 1-3     Away 0-3
Renewal Solihull vs Charlemont Star                                     Draw 2-2     Draw 2-2
Rowley College vs Zion Athletic                                             Draw 2-2     Draw 1-1
Wednesbury Baptist vs Clarendon                                         Away 1-3     Home 1-0
Division Two
Corinthians S.K vs Sandwell United                                       Home 4-1    Draw 2-2
Hawbush vs St Matthew’s Walsall                                          Away 0-6      Away 2-7
Maple Leaf Rovers QMC vs Saint Michael                            Home 2-1     Away 1-2
Selly Oak Methodist vs Living Hope Church United               Home 3-1     Home 2-1

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