Graham Brazier

Hello.  Welcome to our new web site and many thanks to John Millist who put all this together for us.  I have been involved with the League since 1985 when I first started playing for Chawn Hill so I have seen quite a few teams come and go in that time!  I have been involved with the committee since around 1986 when I first took on the role of Treasurer.  I then took on the role of Fixtures Secretary and Shawn, this wasn’t in the technological age, I used to type up the fixtures on my Mum’s old typewriter and then take the sheet to work to photo-copy it prior to posting out to clubs (the system worked – sort of!).  I then took on the role of Chairman and this is where I currently reside.  I have seen a good number of committee members and club secretaries come and go over this time and although I don’t have any one particular area within the League that I look after, I think that I have a balanced and pragmatic view of the League and can be approached on any subject.  I am a committed Christian and attend Chawn Hill Church in Stourbridge along with my wife and 2 children.  I am proud to have been associated with this League over the years as it has stood up against other Leagues when it would be easy to crumble and give in.  I believe that God has great things for this League, we just don’t know it yet! John 3 v 16.

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