Hawbush 0 Claredon 3

Hawbush 0 Clarendon 3
Well we couldn’t have really asked for a more difficult draw in our first League Cup match but we held our own against one of the best teams in the league and hopefully Clarendon will feel they had a real test against us yesterday.
We slightly feared the worst in all honesty, but in the first half we played above ourselves and went in at half-time 0-0, the lads felt they were the equal of Clarendon.
Overall there were very few chances in the early parts of the game, but I was very proud of the lads all over the pitch. James Davies and Arron Worrall limiting the visitors to only a few long range efforts, and the ever dangerous Everton Morrison (Pablo) to barely a sniff of goal (Something most first division defenders would be happy to say), so credit to the two lads for that.
In midfield, Matt, Lee and Dan were holding their own against a strong and experienced team with Tukka and Mitch marking the Clarendon wingers very well. Ben and Dan being giving very little support up front but every so often almost breaking through.
But great signs for us as a new team, we are better positioning, more talking, stronger challenges and understanding the game better. Three months ago we would have got battered in this fixture, but we are getting better each week.
So at half-time we began to believe the shock was on. But it was always going to a be a tough ask and in the second half as we tired the experience in the visitors ranks began to show.
On 50 minutes Clarendon took the lead when they broke from a Hawbush free-kick and three passes later we were 1-0 down. We had a few half chances at 1-0 but Clarendon now began to take control.
Ashley and Jason had both come on for the away team and this made a big difference. Ash scoring twice, first from the edge of the box on the half volley and the third after Arron Hope made an unbelievable save onto the cross bar, and Ash poked the rebound in.
All three of our subs, Jon Shaw, Brad Smith and Alex Brookes played well when they came on and looked to change the game in our favour.
Our guys on the sidelines were marvelling at what Jason Greene brought to the game, particularly one 60 yard pass that led to a ‘that’s just class aint it’ comment’.
So the Cup dream is over for the season but we hope to really push on in the league now. Well done to Clarendon, in the 10 years I have played them I don’t ever remember a bad tempered game against them and like Hawbush they are just a bunch of mates having a kick about on a Saturday morning, the way football should be.

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