Hawbush 3 Saint Michael 3

This game was full of mistakes and lucky goals. Wind was so strong that football was hard to play. Thank you to Hawbush players for a good game.

First half started just after we won the coin toss and we decided to play with the wind. We try to use it as our 12th player. Good passing and runs created a lot of good chances and the first one we changed to a goal by Kamil Lason. One on one with the goalkeeper and we winning 1-0.
We were controlling a game and there was not much pressure from Hawbush who were looking like they still in a bed.
They woke up just after our first mistake with a back pass to our goalkeeper. Marcin didn’t clear a ball well and Lee Perks found himself in the right time and right spot to score and level the game,.
Hawbush were level but it didn’t change the game a lot. We had a couple of good corners that almost led to a goal with a great chance from Patryk Jasicki who lost his one on one with goalkeeper.
Our best chance came when Kamil Lason went down in their area and the referee gave a penalty to us. Kamil took it and scored, 2-1.

It all changed in the 2nd half. We were sloppy and slow and Hawbush pushed us back in our half. We couldn’t clear the ball well as the wind was so strong. The ball was landing 35 yard max where Hawbush players didn’t give us much chance and pushed forward more and more.
Their best chance came from a corner kick. We cleared the first, second and third ball but it was still in our 16 yard box. Simon Ashby shot and leveled again. As Hawbush kept going we were struggling to cross the half way line.
Our player of the match, Kamil Lason, ran down the left side into the box and turned it almost in to a goal, but he wasn’t greedy and set Adam Domachowski who was in a better position to score and BANG 3-2 for us, GREAT job.
Hawbush didn’t sit back and they kept pushing. The worst mistake from us came just before the end as Robert Zaleski missed clearing a ball and Simon Ashby found himself again in a great goal scoring opportunity, 3-3. That was how the game finished.

Thank you all players from both teams for great game.

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