Living Hope 0 Clarendon 2

Steve Farley writes

With the heavy frost dissipated by the welcome early morning sunshine and the low Sun casting long shadows across the pitch. LHC welcomed the leagues number one club.

LHC started brightly. Our first attack tamely broke down outside the visitors penalty area but not before we had strung twenty passes together. It all looked very promising, the only trouble was Clarendon now had the ball and we hardly touched it again until Clarendon scored in the 15th minute – a free header from their umpteenth corner! Up until then I thought we had defended very well and we defended very well for the rest of the game. Matty, the two Chris’s and our man of the match Robbie fought, blocked and harried the entire game. Clarendon had plenty of shots, but were hardly ever allowed time to set themselves up and take aim carefully, and apart from the two goals I think Goalkeeper Carl only had two shots on target to save all game.

Gradually though, LHC seemed to adapt to our opponents pace and as the first half rolled on we began to believe in ourselves more. Our three central midfielders Andy, Nick and Jack were winning more of the ball and bringing wingers Mart and Gregg into the game. Our biggest failure though was when we fed the ball to lone striker Pete we were playing so deep that he never seemed to get the support he needed and deserved. Credit goes to Clarendon for that ,Pete only had one clear chance when he found himself one on one with the keeper but Clarendons keeper was very quick off his line and made a good block with his legs.

We brought Craig on after the second goal and went two up front which made us more threatening but it was all to no avail. The best team on the day won, no doubt about that, but at least we made sure Clarendon knew they had been in a game.

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