Old Old Chawn vs New Old Chawn Charity Game

Although not a League game I have been asked to write a brief report on a Charity game that took place at South Rd yesterday morning in memory of Lee Lloyd who recently died aged 30. Firstly, I would like to thank Halesowen Zion, Chawn Hill Church, All Saints Olympic and Hawbush who supplied the kits and Martin Cook and the 2 Assistant Referees who officiated the game free of charge. The game was held between the Old Invincibles from Season 2005/2006 and the young lads who were the last to play for Chawn under my leadership. The Old Boys, (in yellow), were a couple of players missing and half of those that started were dressed more like Robo Cop than footballers.

It was a little chilly but it was dry and the sun was shining as Lee’s 2 brothers kicked off the game following a minutes applause and a word of prayer. The game itself was played in true Chawn style, 100% commitment and effort given with no challenges pulled out of. The youngsters, (in Red) took an early lead as the Oldies took a while to settle. When they had settled and remembered how to play together the Oldies went 2-1 ahead within the opening 30 minutes. Slack defending then allowed the Reds to equalize making it 2-2 around the 35 minute mark. Some of the the Oldies had now hit the wall and the Reds went in at half time 4-2 up. It was hard to give a pep talk to the Oldies as they had 1 player playing with a broken bone in his foot and another who had a slight hamstring problem. I’m not sure how the Reds team talk went but they would have been cock a hoop, at 30 minutes they were struggling but were 4-2 up at half time.

The second half commenced and it was obvious that some Oldies were out of energy. The youngsters taking full advantage by keeping possession well, scoring another 2 quick goals following the break. I missed the 2nd as I was getting kitted out in my car. Roll on Roll Off substitutions were the rule for the day with the odd player playing for both teams. The Final Score Line was 8-2 to the New Old Chawn but this was no poor reflection on the Old Chawn who had given all they could to the cause.

The match was followed by 30 minutes extra time allowing any of Lee’s friends and family to partake in the event, (some had already needed to be involved during the 90 minutes). This gave myself and 2 of the Officials a chance to play, ¬†with Lee’s Dad refereeing this part of the event. He awarded 2 penalties with 1 being awarded to each team. All I can say is that if you thought Chelsea’s penalty against the Albion the other week was soft then the one awarded to the youngsters was even softer. Both penalties were converted and the 30 minutes ended 1-1.

I have consciously made no mention of any players by name because everyone who took place in the match is deserving of equal praise and credit. I have long held the belief that Chawn have always been run on the correct and highest of standards. Yesterday proved this to me both on and off the pitch. In closing, I give thanks to God for this League and the opportunity it has given us to make new friends within our lives.

I have attached some photos taken yesterday and 1 including Lee from 2006.


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