Rowley College 0 Connect Sports 6

Days like these are hard to explain. Willis had it right when he admitted “I don’t know where that came from!”. Our last twelve games have offered not so much of a squeak between us and pretty much every team in the league; two narrow victories (3-2, 3-2), two narrow defeats (1-2, 0-1) and eight draws for a total of 25 for and 25 against. Today against the bottom club, a team without a win we shipped six and thoroughly let ourselves down. This is to take nothing away from Connect and our old mates Willis and Vernon who thoroughly deserved a taste of victory.

Yes we did struggle to get eleven out today but in the week of his 41st birthday and on the occasion of his 300th start for Rowley Mark thought we’d got enough and I agreed. What happened to some extent (but with no excuse) summed up what it means to have nothing to play for. We played some tidy football and they scored goals: four in the first half and two in the second. Lee was blameless and made a couple of good saves and Dave had a decent game. Defensively we were shocking and that did start with the defenders and spread to the whole team. Despite various attempts to change things we barely looked like scoring and Connect even had one disallowed! They had the best player on the pitch (their 11), the ever reliable Robbie Hunter and a good attitude: we had little of anything that might have made us competitive. It’s great to see that despite everything Connect will continue next season: all the best to all involved.

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