Saint Michael 5 Brierley Hill AOG 1

Game with Brierley Hill AOG we started as normal with good ball control and a lot of possession. We opened the score with a lovely pass from Kuba Czestochowski above thier tall centre back and Kamil Kral scored for us, 1-0. We were sure that we can get a win and then suddenly the referee whistled for a foul for us, but one of our player had been shown with red card. Quick chat with ref and he explained, Kamil Kral who had been tackled swore whilst he was on the floor. (Edit..League Instruction is to dismiss any player who swears so the referee was correct, Neil Kovacs). One man down and we carry on. We lost a grip and Brierley Hill use it a lot they equalised really quick and put presure on us.

First half finished 1:1.

Break time and quick chat with players. We know it could finish as it usually does but we didn’t want it to. We decided to carry on with one striker and try to play as we had in the first 20 mins. Most imported thing was not to lose a quick goal in 2nd half.

Second half started and we saw Brierley pushing forward a lot and they try to finish us off as quick as possible as we were down to 10 men. In one moment we felt that they have got 4 people at front. The only thing they were missing was a goal.

We used a couple goof passes and counter strikes as our weapon and we scored. Kamil Lason finished some great team work. Then we had more chances and their defence was open so we could use our wings to create goal scoring chances. More goals came quickly and within 20 minutes of the 2nd we were up 3-1. First, a good cross from Patryk Jasicki to the 6 yards box and Adrian Michalina scored his first this season. There were two more goals that finished the game off. One from Kuba Czestochowski who finished a good 6 pass counter strike and the other one from a corner kick, Daniel made a shot but the goalkeeper released it to 6 yards box and Robert Zaleski took a chance to score and finish the game at 5-1.

We hope our next game with Hawbush will finish the same.

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