13th April – Prediction Challenge

Just the Prediction Challenge forecast for the time being. Challenger this week is Willis Mullin from Connect Sports.

I hope to do a preview but I am unsure if this will be possible. Same again regarding publishing recent match reports, no problems with the web site just illness and limited time again. (I hope to get these on by the morning but cannot guarantee to do so).

Quick previews, (I hope). Another big week in Division One so where to start?

Well, I have decided to start with St Marys who play their last game of the season against Rowley College. I’m absolutely certain that St Marys need 3 points to stand any chance of winning the title but they face a Rowley side who still need a point to guarantee that they stay out of the relegation places. If Rowley are to get a point, then I also reckon that this game is their best chance to do so, I can’t see them getting anything in their last match. St Mary’s title challengers, Clarendon, still have to face current 3rd and 4th placed teams so still a lot to do for them. St Marys need 3 points to make that task even harder. I’m torn on this one because my head says St Marys, but, and isn’t there always a but? I would love to know where, and if, Mark Southall will be playing? If he is in defence, I reckon his footballing knowledge, organisational skills and will to win may get them that much needed point. I’m going for a draw.

Another team playing their last game of the season are Life Central who travel to Clarendon and should they manage a win would go above Clarendon. I really cannot see it happening though. Clarendon seem to have the momentum whereas Life Central have faltered at just the wrong time. Life Central had been in with a chance but have slipped away by losing their last 2 games. Can they end their season on a positive note? Well, it doesn’t get much harder than Clarendon does it? Having lost only twice this season I do not think it will be 3 by the end of tomorrows match. I am expecting a Clarendon win which puts pressure on St Marys to get something against Rowley.

Another team who for so long looked as though they may be champions were Connect Sports. But like Life Central, they too have slipped up in their last couple of games and dropped points. They come up against a Chawn Hill Church side who may still harbour hopes of finishing 3rd should they win both of their remaining games and results elsewhere go their way. A while ago I would have had this as a nailed on win for Connect but I am uncertain now, especially as Chawn have done quite well recently against the top sides beating Life Central and only losing to a last minute penalty against St Marys. Connect can still mathematically get to 44 points which puts pressure on Clarendon and St Marys. It’s a narrow Connect win for me.

Nothing much to play for in the last match in Division One which sees Saint Michael host St Andrews Netherton. The former are safe and will probably finish in their current position. The latter however will be looking to end the season in the top half and should they win their remaining 3 games maybe they could, like Chawn, have their eyes fixed on 3rd place. 38 points could be enough for 3rd? Well we should know more after tomorrows matches. If it is still possible, then I reckon St Andrews will still be in the race for it because I am opting for a St Andrews win in this game.

Whilst there are all sorts of permutations in Division 1, all the main things are already settled in Division 2, (subject to ratification come seasons end).

Corinthians S.K had a narrow 1-0 win over St Thomas Aldridge last week but the 3 points gained from that match meant they moved into 2nd place and cannot be caught by any other side. Whilst Amblecote will finish first, which they have looked like doing for some considerable time, the battle between Corinthians and Christ Church Coseley for 2nd place has been great to watch. They come up against a Delph Athletic side who are on a decent run and will be looking to finish as high as possible.  Corinthians can tick the Job Done box now they have secured 2nd place but will they take their foot off a little bit and allow Delph to nip in for a nice win? Sitting on the fence and going for a draw.

The last game to preview this week is St Thomas Aldridge vs Dudley Lions and I can honestly say I have not got a clue which way to go on this one. St Thomas have 2 games left with both of them against Dudley Lions, however, even should they win both games they will still finish the season in 7th place which back in November I think they would have taken. Dudley need to win all their 3 remaining games to move above Living Hope Church United. But even then, results would need to go their way in other matches. As said earlier, I would not be surprised at any result here so you know where I am going with this one…. yes, it’s a draw fro me.

Early hours in the morning and fatherly duties are calling, (or as I call it, Dad’s taxi). Whilst I have done the preview, last weeks match reports will have to wait but they will be on for you read tomorrow evening.


13th April, 20109
Neil Kovacs
Division One
Clarendon 5 Life Central 0
Connect Sports 2 Chawn Hill Church 1
Saint Michael 1 St Andrews Netherton 4
St Mary’s 2 Rowley College 2
Division Two
Corinthians S.K 2 Delph Athletic 2
St Thomas Aldridge 1 Dudley Lions 1
Club Secretary, (Willis Mulin from Connect Sports)
Division One
Clarendon 2 Life Central 1
Connect Sports 2 Chawn Hill Church 1
Saint Michael 0 St Andrews Netherton 4
St Mary’s 3 Rowley College 1
Division Two
Corinthians S.K 3 Delph Athletic 2
St Thomas Aldridge 0 Dudley Lions 2
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