29th January, Web Site Issues/Update + Prediction Challenge

Apologies to anyone who has tried to get information off the site during the past 7 days. Unfortunately, this was beyond our control and took us until the early part of the week to ascertain what had happened. We found out, that because of an IT changeover the site was not on display and once that had been sorted out, any information that had been inputted since the end of November had been lost. (So much for once it’s on the internet it’s always on there)! Suffice to say, this week has been all about trying to get back to some sort of normality. It’s 7.45pm and so far we have managed to update most things. However, the suspension list is still ongoing, but hopefully it will be updated tonight. This leaves the little matter of the Fixture List! All Fixture Alterations that had been made recently have been lost and it is now a main priority to sort this out. ¬†Fixtures for Saturday 6th February will remain as they are but there will be alterations from there on in. This is such a critical issue that it may not be until the middle of next week until I confirm all of the changes. (Shift pattern starts again tomorrow and I don’t want to be making any errors by rushing them through).

I will post some Match Reports from previous weeks that have been resent in to us when time permits.

One item I will do now though is this weeks Prediction Challenge with Rob from Saint Michael’s being my challenger.

So, a challenging week but one we are slowly coming to terms with.

Rowley College vs Renewal Solihull has already fallen foul of the weather tomorrow. I hope that you are able to get your matches on and enjoy yourselves.


30th January
Division One Kovacs’ Rob (St Michael’s)
City Church vs Wolverhampton and Perton Draw 2-2 Home 3-1
Clarendon vs Charlemont Star Home 3-0 Home 4-0
Connect Sports vs Monyhull Church Home 1-0 Away 0-1
St Mary’s vs Zion Athletic Home 2-1 Home 3-0
Wednesbury Baptist Church vs Chawn Hill Church Home 2-1 Home 3-0
Division Two
Dudley Lions vs Corinthians S.K. Draw 1-1 Away 1-4
Living Hope Church United vs Maple Leaf Rovers Q.M.C Away 0-5 Away 1-6
Saint Michael vs St Thomas’ Aldridge Draw 2-2 Home 3-0
St Matthew’s Walsall vs Sandwell United Home 3-2 Home 7-2
Zion City vs Hawbush Home 11-0 Home 8-1
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