30th April – Preview for 1st May

The week that never went to plan, so I’m going to stop saying when I aim to get things done from now on and just bump along… enjoy the ride!

As stated in the weeks earlier review of last weekends games St Andrews’ Netherton are close to securing the title and tomorrow they face one of the two teams that could stop them. So, a win for them against City Church will rule City out of the running and only leave Clarendon to push them. (I do believe that Connect Sports may have pushed them all the way, but you can only beat what’s out there). I really cannot see anyone beating St Andrews’ so it’s another step towards their aim at the start of the season for the ‘Champions Elect’ tomorrow. It would be great from a neutrals point of view to see a City Church win and keep it interesting, but I just cannot see it. Prove me wrong City Church?

The Clarendon lads will be looking at that result but they still have to concentrate on getting their result first. They come up against a Rowley College side who have managed only 1 win this season and whilst Pete’s Match Reports regularly say they have played well it’s getting the results that count. It’s a Clarendon win for me here.

Charlemont Star, like Rowley, also only have 1 win this season and they also face a good side in Chawn Hill Church who I thought would have done better this season. Then again, it’s not been a normal one has it? I’m expecting Chawn to overcome Charlemont but I do think they will need to work hard to do so, it will not simply be turn up and get the points.

No disrespect to the Brierley Hill A.O.G lads but I do think that Monyhull Church will get a victory, it’s just a matter of how much effort they want to put in to get the goals. Brierley Hill will always give of their best but the difference between them and Monyhull will show tomorrow. I’ve gone for the Monyhull win but not by a huge score though.

Selly Oak Methodist will keep the pressure on Monyhull as they come up against 2nd bottom Living Hope Church United who have two victories to their name this season but will not be adding another one to it tomorrow. For Selly Oak, I reckon the title is probably Monyhull’s but they will need to keep winning if they want to end up as runners up.

Dudley Lions are the side that may push for 2nd place as the top 3 sides now seem almost certain to end up there. Dudley travel to face St Thomas’ Aldridge who simply cannot replicate their fantastic form before last seasons lockdown. They will prove difficult to beat but Dan Douse seems to have recently found some goal scoring form for Dudley and that should tip the game for me.

Christ Church Coseley have drifted off from being in the top pack and travel to play Delph Athletic in a match with a 10am kick off. Not sure why but I’m going for a Delph victory which would move them above Christ Church Coseley. ACTUALLY, let me correct that! It’s funny what your mind does as you get older. I thought I had gone for a Delph win but looking at my Predictions I have actually gone for a Christ Church Coseley win. So, there, you have it officially confirmed… I’ve totally lost the plot but it’s a Christ Church Coseley win for me! It is actually the only game where me and this weeks Prediction Challenger differ on who wins. I will eagerly be awaiting the result of this match now!

As mentioned last week. Rather than input each individual result as they arrive I have now adopted a wait until ALL the Results and information is in. So basically, everything depends upon who is the last to send me the relevant information. It’s not a decision I took lightly, I have indeed loved doing instant updates as soon as they come in but unfortunately sometimes I was waiting around for absolutely ages, (couple of hours sometimes and longer occasionally). I cannot and will not now devote that sort of time and commitment to updating the scores, etc. I will be ready and waiting as the matches finish but I will also have a cut off where the computer simply gets turned off. By the way, this is not a moan at the Club Secs, I’ve been there and done it all. They do a fantastic job and have loads to do. I do just wonder how much support they get off their squad. Indeed, I wonder if they are appreciated enough?

This weeks Prediction Challenger is Dave Challoner from ‘Champions Elect’ St Andrews’ Netherton.

1st May, 2021
Neil Kovacs
Division One
Charlemont Star 1 Chawn Hill Church 3
City Church 2 St Andrews’ Netheton 4
Clarendon 3 Rowley College 0
Division Two
Brierley Hill A.O.G 0 Monyhull Church 7
Delph Athletic 1 Christ Church Coseley 2
Living Hope Church Utd 0 Selly Oak Methodist 3
St Thomas’ Aldridge 1 Dudley Lions 3
Club Secretary (Dave Challoner from St Andrews’ Netherton)
Division One
Charlemont Star 1 Chawn Hill Church 2
City Church 0 St Andrews’ Netheton 3
Clarendon 4 Rowley College 0
Division Two
Brierley Hill A.O.G 0 Monyhull Church 5
Delph Athletic 2 Christ Church Coseley 0
Living Hope Church Utd 1 Selly Oak Methodist 3
St Thomas’ Aldridge 1 Dudley Lions 3



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