10th October – More Match Reports

Thank to Joshua, Steve and Robert for their match reports regarding their games.

Delph Athletic 0 – Selly Oak Methodist 1.

We came into this game knowing that the league table didn’t reflect the quality that Selly oak had. We knew we’d be up against a physical side who can get the ball down & play. We also knew we would have to perform much better than we had done in our previous win against Dudley.

Straight from the off it was apparent this was not the case, we spoke before the game about battling in 50/50’s & working for each other off the ball – these simple did not happen for us & the first 10 minutes we were chasing shadows.

Selly oak then found 3 or 4 players unmarked after a corner at our RB position & managed to get a cross in for an unmarked header to fly past our Goalie – 1-0 Selly Oak without even a hint of a challenge from us.

From there our defence grew into the game again but unfortunately for us we never got going.

Selly Oak controlled much of the ball although never again challenged our goal – We finally had a shot on target in the 85th minute when a well marked move found Rich unmarked in the middle but his header didn’t trouble the keeper.

2 weeks running & we have been controlled by our opposition in both games, albeit we haven’t given away many goal scoring opportunities at all.
In truth, this game could have probably played on for another 6 hours & still finished 1-0.

Fair play to Selly Oak who came into this game bottom of the league which isn’t an easy feeling.

Onto the Division 2 cup next week for us & hopefully with a full squad already available we can right some wrongs from this game!


Dudley Lions 3 Brierley Hill AOG 2

I wrote in a previous report from our recent game against Brierley Hill how hard working they are with that good old fashioned ‘never say die’ attitude. Add that attitude to another couple of signings, notably Nathan Flavel, and youve got yourself a proper handful of a busy team.

The ‘Hill have combined a great mix of experience, mostly the back four and centre mids, with an energetic front line to go with their persistant chasing wingers.

We spoke before the start of the game about the importance of pushing for goals to reward our play (we have lost games despite being in front) so to start off reasonably well and take a 2-0 lead through Craig Abbey and George Newton was the reaction l was after.

However, someone forgot to tell Brierley Hill to surrender, because surrender they most certainly did not!

Urged on by an enthusiastic bench and management, they managed to pull one back just before half-time with Nathan Flavel running on to a smart through ball and dispatching the ball neatly.

A few minutes into the 2nd half and the ‘Hill were back level, game on!

Our boys then decided to wake up a bit and put into action what we’d spoke about at half time, and we were rewarded with what turned out to be the winner after a period of dominant play, where George Newton decided to smash his shot against the bar from a yard out, then nearly take off the eventual scorers head, Connor Edwards, who responded quickly to the rebound.

I’ve said it before, and l will say it again, Brierley Hill are not a team to be underestimted this season, as we did at times admittedly, and l am sure the remaining games against them will be just as interesting as the first 2 have been.


Saint Michael 0 vs 5 Connect Sports

I have not written single report for ages now but I feel like I want to write this time. We did not win the game so that is not to show glory of our good game and earning points more likely is to point that in my opinion we have meet next league winners.
Saturday morning weather was perfect to play football no rain no high winds what we was expected. We come out to this game with 3 players missing from our starting team due they went for week holiday to Poland yet we come out with good team to try fight for point.
First 10 min of the game was time where both teams was checking on each other but Connect Sport create in that time 3 great chances to start scoring spread but they was not able to finish it off our goalkeeper hold the ground and save them or they miss target.
We played defensive and counter attacks. Where we found our few chances but we were unable to finish it off as well. They best player on pitch number 16 Liam was tearing apart our defense on right on left on middle it was hard to keep him away from ball. He have create most of Connect Sport chances yet none of them scored. 10 min before first half we have conceived first goal but not from mistake or great Connect Sport passing but from little shoot on goal that was deflected by their player and went in between goalkeeper and 2 players that were standing on line. First half finished in small 0:1 to Connect Sport and we were hoping to come back in 2nd half with something to score.

Once we started 2nd half we started to push a bit more and try to take ball away quicker then in first half and we manage to find few mistake from opposition but yet we couldn’t pass thier good defense or goalkeeper. Best chance came when goalkeeper spit out ball in 5 yard box and Patryk Jasicki was first to get there but his shoot was across goal 1 yard away from goal line and no one near to put leg in. First subs and more push but that finished bad for us we open up to much and Connect Sport players found more space up front and there we go few few kick ball bounced around goal and bag with goal open up for good. Finally their best player scored as well when he found him self on front of empty goal when ball deflected by goal keeper went straight on his head. This is big time lesson for us yet after good start of the season that no one was ready for. I wish Connect Sport all the best and I think they will win the league this year.

In week time we are going to meet ST Mary and there will be another hard game but lets hope we will give a go and carry on with winning.

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