All Things W.M.C.F.L – It All Starts Again Today

Before the start of each season the W.M.C.F.L begins there is a League Instruction that states that on the opening day of the season there will be 1 minutes silence before the matches start. We do this to remember people who are no longer with us, whether they be League related or friends/family. It is also a chance to contemplate on how blessed we are that we have good health and are able to participate in the League. Sadly, this week, I have been informed of the death of a young person who had played within this League. Mitchell Poutney had played for Hawbush who are no longer in the league but also played for Brierley Hill A.O.G. I would ask everyone tomorrow to pray for Mitchells family and friends during their 1 minutes silence tomorrow.

There was a League Meeting tonight and thanks go to all of those Club Secretaries/Representatives and Management Officers who give up their valuable time to help the smooth running of this League. Without these people there would be no League and no football for everyone to enjoy. Please do all you can to support them during the season.

So, once again, the midnight oil is burning as I bash away at the keyboard pondering my forecast for the season.

Division 2 has 8 teams and this season they will only play each other twice in the League meaning a 14 match season. (A Division 2 Cup has also been introduced meaning more competitive matches for them). So, over a 14 match season there is less chance to slip up if you want to be Champions. How will the relegated teams fair and what about those who came so close to promotion last season. Well, it’s a new season. indeed it’s the start of our 40th season.

So a special mention to 1 of only 2 teams to have played in every single season, Brierley Hill A.O.G. Ian Baker’s men have struggled in recent years but the joy of the game means they are here yet again. Unfortunately for them, I reckon it will be another year spent in the lower parts of the Division and my forecast is 8th place for them.

At the opposite end of the table I am expecting Christ Church Coseley to win the Division with their closest rivals being Delph Athletic who will finish in 2nd place.

I do not think that any of the relegated teams will be near the top , indeed, I expect both to continue to struggle with Selly Oak Methodist 7th and Monyhull Church 6th.

Dudley Lions are my tip to finish just outside of the promotion places in 3rd, closely followed by Living Hope Church United in 4th.

This means that to complete my forecast, St Thomas’ Aldridge will be 5th.


‘They’re changing guards at Buckingham Place, Christopher Robin went down with Alice’

A famous couple of lines from the poem ‘Buckingham Place’ written by A.A Milne, probably more famous regarding Winnie The Pooh. What’s the relevance of this ? Well, like the guard being changed in the poem, I reckon that there will be a changing of the guard within the W.M.C.F.L this season in Division One.

Before quantifying the above statement, like Division 2, I think it only right to start with the other team to have been represented every season within the League, like Brierley Hill A.O.G, Chawn Hill Church were Founder Members and have been ever present, being quite successful during that time. Can they add to their total of 5 Division One Titles this season ? I would love to say yes, but I believe there to be stronger teams in the frame this season. I am however going to apply a little bit of pressure on them and say that if, like most teams, they can field their strongest team out every week, that they may be part of the ‘Changing Of The Guard’ pressure applied and it’s a 3rd place finish for them.

Now, regarding A.A Milne’s lines from his poem. I really believe that this season will see Clarendon and St Mary’s finish outside of the top 2. These 2 teams have dominated in recent seasons, but as the seasons change from Spring to Summer, then Autumn to Winter, I feel that both teams have had their Summer flourish. For Clarendon, I was thinking 3rd, but I have given that to Chawn, so it’s 4th for them. St Mary’s, like Clarendon will remain a top half team but should finish in 5th.

So, who will be replacing them ? Well, it pains me to say it, but I am certain it will not be Rowley College, who I reckon have the trapdoor to Division 2 ready to be swung open. It’s an 11th place prediction for them from me this season.

As for the newly promoted sides, I think that one of them may join Rowley in the relegation places. Which one though ? I’m going for Corinthians S.K to end up 10th.

I reckon the other promoted side, Amblecote Nomads will have enough about them to finish in 8th spot and Saint Michael will be sandwiched in between them and Corinthians finishing 9th.

Charlemont Star and City Church should both finish comfortably in mid table, Charlemont in 6th and City in 7th.

That leaves 2 teams, Connect Sports and St Andrews Netherton. I believe that both of these will complete the ‘Changing Of The Guard’ with both finishing in the top 2 places. But who will be Champions ? Both have strengthened massively, especially with both clubs having ex Life Central players adding to their already strong squads. I know Leon Naylor has gone to Connect among others, but I also know that Shawn Devonport has gone to St Andrews, who have also added Rion Francis-Mills to their squad. No pressure on Shawn or Rion, but it’s this factor that just sways me to say, St Andrews Netherton to be Champions. Shawn has previously been the highest goal scorer in two different seasons, 43 goals in 2008/9 and 41 in 2009/10. If he can replicate those figures 10 years on from then I reckon my forecast may well turn out correct.

So, that’s my forecast. Some of you may well print it out as an incentive to prove me wrong, others may well think ‘what planet is he on’ ? Whatever your thoughts, please remember, this is just for fun.

It’s just turned 1am and I need my bed, (up again at 5am). I did want to cover the introduction of ‘Sin Bins’ but your Club Secretary can inform you about this if you have any queries. I am hoping that results will be on the site tomorrow but this depends on how quickly I receive them. I only have a 20 minute gap just before 1pm tomorrow due to work and my Granddaughters 2nd Birthday celebrations.

To finish off for now, it’s onto the weekly Prediction Challenge and my thanks go to Ben Hart from Amblecote Nomads, this weeks challenger.

6th September, 2019
Neil Kovacs
Division One
Charlemont Star 1 Clarendon 3
Connect Sports 5 Rowley College 1
Corinthians S.K 0 Saint Michael 2
St Andrews Netherton 5 City Church 1
St Mary’s 3 Amblecote Nomads 1
Division Two
Brierley Hill A.O.G 1 Living Hope Church Utd 2
Christ Church Coseley 2 Dudley Lions 2
Delph Athletic 3 Monyhull Church 1
St Thomas’ Aldridge 2 Selly Oak Methodist 2
Club Secretary (Ben Hart from Amblecote Nomads)
Division One
Charlemont Star 1 Clarendon 3
Connect Sports 4 Rowley College 1
Corinthians S.K 2 Saint Michael 2
St Andrews Netherton 3 City Church 0
St Mary’s 1 Amblecote Nomads 1
Division Two
Brierley Hill A.O.G 0 Living Hope Church Utd 5
Christ Church Coseley 2 Dudley Lions 1
Delph Athletic 1 Monyhull Church 1
St Thomas’ Aldridge 3 Selly Oak Methodist 2
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