Christmas Eve Update – 1 Match Report

Apologies that the site has taken me a while to update, however, all Divisional Results pages have now been updated with their goal scorers. The tables are also up to date. 9pm on Christmas Eve so I will wish you all a Merry Christmas.

I have intentionally held back the last Match report of the season as I didn’t expect anymore to come and so it is that my old mate Pete Bennett from Rowley has the final word before Christmas. (I believe he may have been panicking because it’s from their match against Connect Sports on the 8th December, but fear not Pete, your reports will always feature).


Connect Sports 2 Rowley College 1
Quite unlucky this morning against top of the league, which emphasizes our recent improvement.  Missing Lee, Shola, Connor and Hayden already  we were stretched to the limit when  Josh was called into work first thing this morning.  That reduced our striker count to nought and to make it worse our best pick for the job from Midfield, Matty Suffield, failed a fitness test and though gamely giving it a go lasted all of ten minutes. Luckily Nick is back in the fold (and into action quicker than he imagined).  Fin went up top as a false ten and did well but you always have to work harder as a team when you’re lacking that sharp edge and physical presence up.

Incidentally we’d made a good start and looked likely, even having the ball in the net when Fin , South and Ben opened them up and Ben finished, though narrowly offside.  Midfield was class today with Clive and Ben candidates for man-of-the-match and South and Nick, Jack and Fin all made contributions.  Connect struggled to get going but when they did they knocked us decisively from our stride and when we resettled we were two down, undone by mad ten minutes.  It started with a well hit free kick, right in the top corner which Matt turned onto the bar (he did really well) but (in the words of Alan Smudger Smith in FIFA18) “he was nor well served by his defenders” and Connect followed up to score and then added a second  and we went to pieces at the back for 10 minutes and might have thrown the whole game.

Add to this South tweaked a hammy and was off at half-time and you see a game sliding from view.  We took a breath and went for it, pushing Jack who’d forced a good save from their keeper just before half time, right down the middle: a slight lad against two Connect centre backs.  This left a youthful midfield of Ken , Fin, Nick, Ben and Clive.  For the next half hour I felt we were the better team and was proud of our attitude and performance.  Jack ran them ragged getting in four or five times: all good efforts but only one goal (rounded the keeper top score).  Total credit to their keeper though: he didn’t look like an athlete but his positional play was good

Connect played on the break and were always dangerous, sent on their best player (Seb) but had little joy until a late penalty which Matty saved!  They played out the last fifteen minutes very well, though and despite one last chance for Jack , they saw it out.  I thought the referee Peter Giddings was excellent today: always clear and in control. Always good to see Willis and Vernon: top blokes: all the best to Connect: hard game but always in the right spirit!


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