Division 1, 2 and 3 Club Players Of The Season


Updated to include Division Ones Club Players Of The Season:

Divison One

All Saints Olympic   Craig Hickman

Amblecote    Sam Crook

City Church  Chris Chattaway

Clarendon    Roger Moore

Corinthians SK   Igor Runcis + Che O’Connor

Halesowen Zion   Steven Cockcroft + Thomas Doran

Rowley College   Lee Roberts

Sandwell United   Kevin Johnson

Sheldon   Sukhraj Sanghera

St Mary’s   Shaun Green + Luke Wiedeman + Ian Coleman

St Thomas’ Aldridge   Luke Helsdon

Zion Athletic   Leon Naylor

Division One Player Of The Season Shortlist Nominations, In No Particular Order;

Sukhraj Sanghera  Sheldon Community Church

Leon Naylor    Zion Athletic

Kevin Johnson   Sandwell United


With Division Two and Three having completed their League Fixtures, the Man Of The Match criteria required from each League game has been compiled. For those that do not know, after each League game the Club Secretary or whoever is in charge of the team on the day submits by shirt number who they thought was the best player from the opposing team on that day. At the end of the League Season, I collate these submissions and inform everyone who their Player Of The Season is as nominated by the opposition all season. The Player who has received the most individual votes from the list below is the Divisional Player Of The Season and will be announced at the Presentation Night. I have compiled a shortlist of the 3 players with the most votes following the full individual Clubs List.

So here you are folks, congratulations to the individuals listed below:

Division Two

Charlemont Star                 Jamie Holder

Chawn Hill Church              Elliott Steedman

Connect Sports                  Martin Lees

Darkhouse                         Christopher Hall

Renewal Solihull                 Mark Hadden

Rockmount United              Jayson Sewell

Selly Oak Methodist           Callum Lawlor

Wollaston Free Athletic       Steve Burford

Wolverhampton and Perton  Luke French

Division 2 Player Of The Season Shortlist Nominations, In No Particular Order:

Elliott Steedman   Chawn Hill Church

Martin Lees          Connect Sports

Mark Hadden        Renewal Solihull


Division Three

Brierley Hill A.O.G.    Glen Gibbons

Dudley Lions             Ryan Cartwright

Hawbush                  Daniel Wood

Living Hope Church    Pete Falconer

Maple Leaf Rovers     Michael Knowles

Monyhull Church       Peter Mander

Place Of Refuge CC  Joseph Edwards

Pye Green Towers    James Redfern

Saint Michael           Robert Zaleski

Zion City                  Thomas Queensborough

Division Three Player Of The Season Shortlist Nominations, In No Particular Order:

James Redfern        Pye Green Towers

Pete Falconer         Living Hope Church

Joseph Edwards      Place Of Refuge Community Church



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