Division One Cup – Match Report and Catch Up

Following last Saturdays matches and the 2 mid-week games in the Division One Cup here is where we are at the moment. In Group ‘A’ Clarendon only need a draw whereas their opponents in the last match this coming Saturday, Chawn Hill Church need a win. Following last Saturdays draw with Clarendon, St Andrews’ Netherton could not qualify for the Final but still put in a good performance with a 1-1 draw with Chawn Hill Church last night.

Group ‘B’ is oh so different, with an outside chance of any one of the 3 teams able to make the Final following last nights 4-0 win for Charlemont Star against Rowley College. A match that Pete Bennett in his Match Report below classes as one of their worst results in the 30 years of being in the League. Whilst all may seem lost for them they could still qualify with a 5-0 win, or any win with a 5 goal victory over City Church who they play this Saturday. It’s a massive ask but it’s been a strange season so far, although I do think this is doubtful myself. A 2-0 win for Rowley would see Charlemont Star qualify whereas a 2-1 or 3-1 win for Rowley would see City Church qualify. Like Clarendon, City Church can discount all of those permutations and possibly many more by simply getting a draw which will see them through. I must admit I am looking forward to this result, but my mindset says it is City Churches place in the Final to lose. I believe it’s going to be a City Church versus Clarendon Final.

Rowley College 0 – 4 Charlemont Star

This was one of the worst results and most disappointing days in all of our 30 year existence. I never saw this result coming and there are no excuses.  We were a little short and Star were mob-armed but more importantly they were completely up for it and by the time we thought about playing the game they’d effectively won it.  Jack started in goal.  He’s a perfectly good goalkeeper but made one of those mistakes which are only catastrophic in that area of the pitch.  In the five minutes that followed we lost our heads and we were soon three down.  Thereafter on a very hot evening we huffed and puffed but never really got going.  Star just played their normal game and scored a fourth fairly late on.  We then rounded the evening off by missing a penalty. Ah well!  There’s always next year!

Unfortunately, I have to head off for my afternoon shift now so Division Two review preview will be tomorrow morning.



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