Kevin Kovacs’ Memorial Trophy


The new season for the WMCFL starts with St Mary’s playing host to Zion Athletic in the Kevin Kovacs’ Memorial Trophy which will kick off at 10.30am at St Mary’s home venue. So, not only a repeat of the Cup Final but also a repeat of last seasons Kevin Kovacs’ fixture. St Mary’s swept all aside last season apart from this game which Zion Athletic won on penalties. It will be 11 years since Kevin died this coming December but the sentiments that were mentioned at the time still ring true to this day. It was stated that were it not for Kev, the League may well have folded. This I know to be true. But more than that, Kev always told me that we should strive to make this the best run League out there. A comment that has always been my personal driving force since I followed him in the role as League Secretary. Kev wrote the Mission Statement for the League and in doing so has set the standard for everyone who is, or has been involved within the League. There will be a lot of participants within the League now who never knew Kev, but there are still quite a few who do. It is not often that people really do deserve recognition for their efforts but Kev really did deserve to have all of his efforts recognized. So, whether you are at the game tomorrow, or are playing a friendly match preparing for the season to come. Please take a moment to reflect on someone who you may or may not have known and give thanks that due to the efforts of others we can all play football in a well run League.

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