Kovacs’ Kolumn 15th May

Just 2 mid-week games to review and only 4 games tomorrow as the season draws to a close.

Only one place to start and that is with St Mary’s 3-1 win over Sheldon Community Church on Wednesday. St Mary’s Match Report and the text between Lyndon and myself both seem to point that it really was too big an ask for Sheldon to keep winning every game with such a hectic fixture schedule. However, you cannot take anything away from St Mary’s with their record this season, they are deserved Division One Champions. They may not have handed out loads of thrashing but the old adage applies; a 1-0 win will give you the same points as a 12-0 win and St Mary’s have gone about their business in an efficient mannner. What the football pundits put down as Liverpool’s Achilles heel was their defence, whereas most Championship winning teams are built on a tight defence. St Mary’s definitely did this, only conceding 19 goals in 22 games. It’s the goalscorers that you see on the results pages but in truth, St Mary’s have been a proper team, 19 goals let in and a whopping 86 goals scored. As a team they have earned the title, congratulations once again to them. As for Sheldon, well, runners up in the Cup and missing out on the title. They have yet another massive game tomorrow where they play All Saints Olympic. Defeat here will mean they also miss out on the Runners Up position. It’s not a must win for Sheldon but I believe it is a must win for All Saints Olympic if they wish to end the season in 2nd spot. I reckon All Saints will just have to much for a weary Sheldon and will win to claim that 2nd spot. If i’m correct it will feel like a long hard slog for Sheldon with no reward, however, it’s not where you end up at the end of the season that makes a Club. It’s the week in, week out bonding together and taking the rough with the smooth, creating memories that last a lifetime, not always good ones either, that’s what makes a real Club.

The other mid-week game was a 0-0 draw between Zion Athletic and City Church. I had this as a City win as Zion’s current form has simply been dismal. So a good point for Zion in my eyes, can they leapfrog Halesowen Zion in the table with 3 games to play? Well they face Corinthains S.K tomorrow and I don’t think they will get anything from that. A 6-0 win for Corinthians would see them move off bottom place. I think they will win, but not by that margin.

Amblecote have 2 games left to play and 1 point will move them out of the bottom 3. I think they will get that tomorrow with a draw against City Church. It’s City Church’s last game and should they win then they will go above Rowley College into fifth. So both teams have something to play for.

The last game tomorrow is the Division 2 Cup Final which is being played at the Pavilions, Moor Lane, B6 7AA. If it is as well attended as last weeks Division 3 Cup Final it should be some atmosphere. I estimated around 70 people at last weeks game so it will be intersting to hear how many attended this one. Unfortunately, I cannot attend due to work but Darren Appleby the League’s Referee’s Secretary will be representing the Management Committee and making the Presentation at the end of the game.

The game itself is to be contested between Renewal Solihull and Connect Sports. Connect came through as top dogs in the ‘Group Of Death’ and Renewal qualified top of their group. Connect Sports have previously won Division 1, albeit under different names, (look at their Club Page), but never on a Cup and will fancy their chances. Whereas, Renewal Solihull do have Cup pedigree in winning the League’s Challenge Cup in 2005. I don’t make forecasts for Finals but I wish both teams well in their endeavours tomorrow.

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