Prediction Challenge

With the new season less than 24 hours away, some eyes may be looking for the weekly Prediction Challenge. Well, this tradition will carry on in the new season but firstly, who came out on top last season ? Did the Club Secretaries and Management Committee Officers win, or did I triumph in this yearly contest ? It was another closely fought contest with only 7 points between the two parties. Unfortunately for me, I was on the wrong end of this result with the Club Secs and Management Officers beating me, with the total scores being 146 vs 139. Never liking to lose, I wondered whether my illness may have played a part, as there was one week where I was too ill to enter any scores. (Clinging to any hope or chance to sneak some credit, hahaha). Sadly, VAR confirmed to me that for that week, I may have possibly got a maximum of an extra 5 correct predictions meaning 5 extra points if I failed to get any correct scores. So, defeat it is and a hearty congratulations to all of those that took part. So, just as we do following our matches in the League, win, lose, or draw, it’s:

3 Cheers for the Club Secretaries and Management Officers… Hip, Hip, Hooray!   Hip, Hip, Hooray!   Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Like all defeated contestants, all I can do is concede that my opponents were better than me, but that I gave it my best shot. But, I will go away, and come back again giving it my best efforts. (This should be an automatic response from anyone who participates within our League, come what may, following any of our matches). Fortunately for myself, I do not have to wait long to try and turn defeat into victory. The season kicks off in 16 hours and the Prediction Challenge is back up and running. My first challenger is the League’s New Fixtures Secretary and Amblecote Nomads Club Secretary, Mr Ben Hart. He has already sent his forecasts in, (not looked at them yet, never do until I have done mine). So, what do we both have to say about the games tomorrow ? Well, like a good book should leave you with a cliffhanger moment at the end of each chapter, time is short and I have run out of time due to having to attend a pre season League Meeting in an hour. Predictions and all sorts will be on here later.

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