Prediction Time and a late Match Report

This weeks Prediction Challenge is against Jason from Wednesbury Baptist which is followed by a brief match report form St Matthew’s Walsall regarding their match last weekend at the end. A quick glance at the prediction s shows that we both are in agreement regarding 9 of the 11 games so it may come down to who gets any correct scores.

(Edited due to Charlemont Star vs Zion Athletic being postponed late on Friday night which was one of the two games we differed on. So we agree on 9 out of 10 matches now……wonder if the double predictions will make the forecast losers want to prove us both wrong)!

31st October Kovacs’ Jason (Wed Bapt)
City Church vs Monyhull Church Home 3-0 Home 3-1
Clarendon vs Wolverhampton and Perton Home 2-1 Home 5-1
Connect Sports vs Renewal Solihull Draw 2-2 Draw 2-2
St Mary’s vs Chawn Hill Church Home 4-0 Home 6-1
Division Two
Dudley Lions vs Sandwell United Home 3-0 Home 3-2
Hawbush vs Brierley Hill AOG Away 1-2 Away 2-4
Living Hope Church vs Selly Oak Methodist Home 3-0 Home 5-2
Saint Michael vs Maple Leaf Rovers QMC Away 1-2 Away 3-4
St Matthew’s Walsall vs Zion City Home 4-1 Home 7-2
St Thomas’ Aldridge vs Corinthians SK Draw 1-1 Away 1-4


Sandwell United 0-5 St Matthew’s Walsall

By St Matthews Walsall

A shortened (and delayed) match report from us this week due to work commitments.

Saturday’s game was a strange one. Not the best conditions, Sandwell United only starting with 8 players (boosted to 9 after a few minutes, this including Myles in goal!), it was difficult for our players to get in the right frame of mind for the game.

To their credit, Sandwell actually came out of the blocks quicker than ourselves without really troubling our goalkeeper. We started to get into our stride around the 20 minute mark yet goals when they came were quite scruffy, one from a corner and a rebound from a save for the goalkeeper.

Better goals followed courtesy of Hathaway and Humpage and it was 4-0 at half time.

Humpage went on to complete his hat-trick in the early stages of the second half before we tried our best to self destruct by having 2 players sent off for not following the golden rule of the WMCFL, even though they’ve been told on countless occasions. (edit by League Secretary; a lot of people are under the misunderstanding that the WMCFL has its own rule regarding foul, abusive or offensive language. It doesn’t, dismissal for such offences should take place at any level of the game according to the F.A’s Laws Of The Game. The only difference with our League is that we instruct our Match Officials to apply it).

The game petered out to finish 5-0. A game played in good spirits for the most part. Credit to the Sandwell United team who never stopped, they have the makings of a good side if they can get 12/13 lads there every single week. Also, credit to the officials who all did well and we have no complaints at all with the 2 dismissals.

So onwards and upwards, hopefully a few lessons learnt and on to the challenge of Zion City on Saturday.


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