In 1979 the West Midlands Christian Football League was formed under its previous title of the West Midlands Inter-Church Football League to enable Christian men, who opposed the playing of the game on a Sunday when they would be attending their local church, to have the opportunity to participate in a friendly competition whilst upholding Christian beliefs and ideals.

To this day that concept has been central to the running of the league, but although the League has never seen itself as a specific vehicle for evangelism, it has welcomed non-Christian players into its fold in the hope that not only will they enjoy the core values it stands for, but their presence will also prevent the League from being inward-looking and exclusive.

As we now move into the third millennium since the birth of Christ and as the League continues to thrive under His hand, the West Midlands Christian Football League sets out a clear, unambiguous mission statement:

To enable Christian and non-Christian men alike to participate in a capably organised league in a manner, both on and off the field of play, that is morally, decently and ethically sound of action and speech and is honouring to the name of Jesus Christ.