Graham Brazier


Hello.  Welcome to our new web site and many thanks to John Millist who put all this together for us.  I have been involved with the League since 1985 when I first started playing for Chawn Hill so I have seen quite a few teams come and go in that time!  I have been involved with the committee since around 1986 when I first took on the role of Treasurer.  I then took on the role of Fixtures Secretary and Shawn, this wasn’t in the technological age, I used to type up the fixtures on my Mum’s old typewriter and then take the sheet to work to photo-copy it prior to posting out to clubs (the system worked – sort of!).  I then took on the role of Chairman and this is where I currently reside.  I have seen a good number of committee members and club secretaries come and go over this time and although I don’t have any one particular area within the League that I look after, I think that I have a balanced and pragmatic view of the League and can be approached on any subject.  I am a committed Christian and attend Chawn Hill Church in Stourbridge along with my wife and 2 children.  I am proud to have been associated with this League over the years as it has stood up against other Leagues when it would be easy to crumble and give in.  I believe that God has great things for this League, we just don’t know it yet! John 3 v 16.

James Orotayo

League Secretary

My first ever contact with this league goes back to c1994 when, having co-founded Wolverhampton & Perton CFC, I was looking for a league to join. At the time we decided against joining because of the cost. Next came an ill-fated attempt to set up an inter-league match between the Mercian Christian League and WMCFL…but I finally got involved with the WMCFL properly when, as a club secretary, my club (W&P) joined WMCFL in 1998. Within a short space of time I’d slipped onto the committee as an ex-officio member managing the pre-cursor to Ed’s brilliant website.
I can’t remember whether I went straight from unofficial ‘e-secretary’ to Fixtures Secretary, but however it happened it was my first official role on the committee and I loved it. There were difficult days (some of which Shawn knows all too well) but on the whole I loved it. I then came off after 2/3 seasons to get started on my degree (c2003 or 2004).
But the lure of helping out was too hard to resist and I came back on as Ref Sec (c2008?). Again it was a learning curve and although I had to come off in the end because of pressures of the role, my degree and going for promotion as a referee, I would say that broadly speaking it is probably the role that best demonstrated my potential.
Roll on a few more years and I’m back again, with the role that I did first – e-secretary!
Alongside my league officer roles I was also a player, club secretary, treasurer and eventually Chairman for Wolves & Perton. However, my involvement with the club started to end the day I became a referee – 7 April 2006. Initially I’d planned to remain a player one weekend a month, but that soon fizzled out because I found that I loved refereeing and so over a period of 5-6 years my involvement as a player and club officer tapered off, culminating with me stepping down as Club Chairman at the end of the 2011/12 season.
Church-wise I am a member of St Judes Wolverhampton, where I’m a member of the worship music group, but in the past I was also involved in the youth and children’s work and still help out in their annual summer holiday event.
I believe WMCFL is a good league for referees and players of all levels but particularly those individuals and teams who are just starting out. It’s not just the zero tolerance rule – its other things like the genuine friendliness that you see in the ‘top’ teams – yes they are competitors, but yet they also show genuine respect for each other. Moreover the league is packed with several godly non-Christian and Christian people who all have one thing in mind – to maintain WMCFL’s good name and to keep it shining as a beacon within the West Midlands’ footballing community.

Rob Hill


Daren Appleby

Referees Secretary

Roberto Gocan

Fixtures Secretary

Matthew Williams

Web Secretary

Andy Wilcoxson

Minutes Secretary

Stephen Farley

Disciplinary Officer

Tony Bashford

Club Member Representtive